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Learn from RelyMD about the latest in telemedicine. Our blog posts are written to help leaders in health systems, nursing homes, organizations looking to provide telemedicine as an added healthcare benefit, and other medical industries learn about telemedicine and the benefits it can provide to their organization.

Telemedicine as an Added Benefit

 Home / Blog / Telemedicine as an Added BenefitAre you one of the many organizations looking to incorporate telemedicine as an added benefit? According to the National Business Group, nine in 10 large employers will make telehealth services available this...

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Learn What to Expect of Telemedicine in 2017

Home / Blog / Learn What to Expect of Telemedicine in 2017 This year is the year for telemedicine to shine. There are big predictions for the year 2017 and a little uncertainty, but rest assured that it will be a big one for telemedicine in 2017. The main theme you’ll...

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