The healthcare needs of your community and workplace are changing. Today’s patients and consumers demand more convenient, coordinated care – anytime, anywhere. How is your organization responding? With RelyMD’s purpose-built telehealth solutions, health systems, managed care organizations, and employers are delivering reliable, trusted medical care that fosters healthier communities and workplaces.

Incredible Organizations Across All Industries Trust RelyMD

Purpose-Built Telehealth Solutions for Innovative Organizations

Partnering with RelyMD provides your organization with access to convenient consumer and employee-facing mobile apps, a nationwide network of community-based providers, powerful metrics, and a purpose-built telehealth platform that powers it all.



Hospital executives, clinical,
marketing, and innovation teams
rely on our virtual telehealth
solutions to engage patients and drive downstream revenue.

Increase patient acquisition

Coordinate in-network referrals

Maximize downstream revenue


Care management, population
health, and post-acute leaders
count on RelyMD to reduce
readmissions while driving up
payment adjustments.

Reduce hospital readmissions

Improve HRRP adjustment

Grow Hospital Compare score


HR leaders choose RelyMD to
reduce healthcare spend, better engage employees, provide innovative benefits, and drive convenient around-the-clock care.

Reduce healthcare spend

Lower absenteeism rates

Improve employee engagement

Analytics dashboard and reporting is included with all RelyMD solutions.

Coordinated care for patient acquisition and retention.

Consumers are changing and demand for digital engagement with their healthcare has never been higher. With Community Virtual Health meet consumers and families where they are – at their home, office, and everywhere in-between. Going further into your community – with convenient, always available telehealth – will enable your organization to capture more of their healthcare dollars while increasing opportunities for downstream revenue. Built to drive referrals, RelyMD follow-on care protocols guide patients back to your system for necessary in-person care, PCP establishment, specialty concerns, and more.

According to a study by the Advisory Board, a health system can convert at least 25% of first-time virtual visits to an in-person patient each year. Can you afford to not have a virtual presence?

The effective way to reduce
hospital readmissions.

Decrease readmissions and improve your P4P net impact. RelyMD is a powerful solution for diverting inappropriate ER visits and hospital readmissions, while providing nursing staff with around-the-clock access to physicians. Manage your patients’ health across multiple settings and coordinate communications to get ahead of preventable readmits while providing on demand virtual care. Whether at home, in a skilled nursing care, assisted living, rehab hospital, or long-term care hospital, our team has your staff and patients covered.

Hospitals and health systems can expect to reduce their readmissions by 20% or more each month through RelyMD’s Virtual Post-Acute Care solution. How would that affect your payment adjustment?

Control rising
healthcare costs.

Reduce healthcare spend by diverting employees from inappropriate use of high-cost settings such as emergency rooms and urgent care to a cost-effective alternative available anytime, anywhere (24/7). With our advanced aggregate reporting and metrics, your team can better manage progress toward cost reduction, improved productivity, and utilization.

RelyMD clients have an average annualized utilization rate of 24%, 4x that of the average telehealth service; and 92% return on investment. Curious how much room that will make in your budget?

Better Results Start Here

RelyMD clients have on-demand access to custom dashboards that continuously measure key results important to their organization. Overall, RelyMD clients outperform national averages in both utilization rates and return on investment.

Average return on investment RelyMD clients acheive

Percentage of patients diverted from higher-cost care

Percentage of visits that required no further care

Percentage of patients satisfied with RelyMD care

Percentage of patients who would recommend RelyMD

Patients who agreed RelyMD saved them personal time

How it all started.

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bobby Park, received a call about a cut that his niece had sustained. It was after hours for the pediatrician and urgent care center, and his sister didn’t know if it required emergency care. Dr. Park was able to examine the wound via video on his smartphone, determine it wasn’t serious, and provide care instructions. No emergency visit was necessary, saving his sister lots of time and money. And, voila! The idea for RelyMD was born. Learn what happened next.

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