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For Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals and Health Systems are seeing the impact
telemedicine has on their patients.

Patient continuity, decreased readmissions, and increased census are all action items that can be checked off when implementing telemedicine as an additional offering of easy to access healthcare for patients of a hospital or health system. Click here to read how virtual health is helping organizations expand their reach and improve their patients’ lives 24/7.

RelyMD has been helping organizations create
healthier employees since 2015.

If you’re looking for ways to increase employee engagement while lowering your healthcare costs, telemedicine should be top of mind. Click here to learn how we can integrate with your health plan offerings and even promote increased productivity.

For Employers

For Nursing Homes

Times are quickly changing for nursing homes and the way they
provide care, RelyMD can help ease the pain.

Nursing home facilities and SNFs who utilize telemedicine are seeing unnecessary hospitalizations avoided and are creating a new value proposition which contributes to an edge over their competition. Click here to learn how 24/7 access to emergency medicine providers could improve your facility and increase revenue.

Looking for Convenient Mental Health Care?  

Carolina Partners Direct Care allows you to access mental health specialists from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet — from home, work, even while traveling in North Carolina. Visit www.cpdirectcare.com to find out more about treatment options, insurance coverage, and their licensed professionals. Carolina Partners Direct Care is not affiliated with RelyMD.