Flexible care for better outcomes

Adding a 24/7/365 on-demand solution gives your at-risk populations convenient, low-cost and high-quality care from US board-certified physicians.

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Why RelyMD?

In today’s busy and ever-connected world, people need to quickly and effectively care for their health. As an MCO, treating and caring for your members is of utmost importance. A telehealth solution is what could be missing from your member care strategy.

Easy to Access Care

Give your members 24/7/365 access to US board-certified physicians – when they want it and how they want it.

All-Inclusive Consults

Our doctors will consult, diagnose, and write prescriptions when necessary for your member’s routine conditions.

Extend Your Reach

Supplement your existing physician network with a nationwide network of physicians who can treat your members who live in rural areas or are traveling.

Multiple Access Points

The Doctor is always in! Your members can talk to a doctor over the phone or on video to get treated for episodic care.

Detail-Focused Care Plans

Offer your members a high-touch, consumer-centric medical experience with four hour and 72 hour nurse call backs.

Convenient Healthcare

No more sitting in traffic or the waiting room!

When to use RelyMD

  • If you’re considering the ER or urgent care for a non-emergency medical issue

  • Your trusted primary care physician is not available to see you right away

  • You or your family are traveling or in need of medical care

  • Assistance is needed during or after business hours, nights, weekends and holidays

  • When you need to speak to a trusted professional from the comfort of home

  • When leaving home to see a licensed physician just isn’t possible

Better engage your members while lowering costs for all

RelyMD allows health systems to connect deeper with your members, increase brand exposure and awareness, decrease the Emergency Department bottleneck by keeping non-emergent care out, decrease the number of readmissions through remote patient monitoring and allows you to increase member pull through by offering the industry-leading patient-centric telehealth solution for potential and current patients.

Member portal with on-demand reports

The RelyMD member portal gives instant access for active member management, self-service utilization reporting, and patient engagement resources- all available from an easy to use dashboard.

Easy to use platform

The RelyMD platform is easy to use. Patients can choose a telephone or video visit, reducing barriers to access and increasing utilization for members of all ages.

We know telehealth.

We’ve wrapped up over 30 years of combined healthcare and telehealth knowledge in an easy to navigate resource center. Check out our latest findings, guides, reports, and case studies.

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