End-to-end virtual care for healthcare organizations

RelyMD’s Virtual Urgent Care solution is a fully managed, fully staffed telemedicine platform that provides on-demand health consults through easy-to-use mobile apps.

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Boost revenue with community-wide virtual care

Drive more patients into your network and generate thousands in additional downstream revenue per patient. An intelligent telemedicine platform that’s entirely reimbursed by payers.

Your “digital front door”

RelyMD’s private label telehealth platform is custom-built  and branded with your organization’s logo and brand standards. We do all the work, you take all the credit (and extra profits).

How It Works

Here’s how our team quickly launches your telehealth platform to expand your reach, drive revenue, and deliver impressive patient experiences:

We make money when you make money.

Our unique pricing model is directly aligned with your outcomes.

Coordinated care across all channels

1 in 5 patients require more complex, in-person follow-up care. RelyMD coordinates that care.

Our provider network is available 24/7 to refer patients to other in-network facilities. This means more patient referrals, reduced readmissions, fewer unnecessary ER visits, and improved patient outcomes.

Engage more patients

Deliver virtual care to your patients in 10 minutes or less— anytime, anywhere.

And because we’re available 24/7 you don’t have to worry about losing patients to out-of-network providers. See more patients, retain more new patients, and provide lightning-fast service with RelyMD’s credentialed medical team.

Fully Integrated Technology

RelyMD connects all of the essential elements of telehealth success with your
existing systems for a seamless solution that works for you.

Branded Experience

On-Demand, 24/7 Access

Evidence-Based Guidelines

Flexible Staffing Model

3rd Party Insurance Billing

EMR System Interface

Flexible staffing model

Staff your telehealth platform entirely with RelyMD’s credentialed providers, use your own physicians or do a mixture of both. Our flexible staffing model adapts to meet your needs.

We know telehealth.

We’ve wrapped up over 30 years of combined healthcare and telehealth knowledge in an easy to navigate resource center. Check out our latest findings, guides, reports, and case studies.

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