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RelyMD reduces healthcare spend, better engages employees, and provides innovative benefits that provide convenient – anytime, anywhere – access to reliable trusted medical care.

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Employees love RelyMD

RelyMD has been delivering virtual patient care since 2015 and has developed strict medical standards that deliver good medicine and happy patients.


Patients who recommend RelyMD


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Control rising healthcare spend

RelyMD’s on-demand telehealth services reduce employee healthcare spend. Our instant support gives patients the care they need to avoid ER and urgent care visits when appropriate.

Strong utilization rate 4x the industry average

Impressive 92% ROI

80% medical resolution rate makes for happy patients

99% of patients got back to work faster.

What Powers RelyMD

Nationwide Providers

Less Than 10- Minute Wait

On-Demand, 24/7 Access

Performance Metrics

Patient-Friendly Apps

Marketing Support

The right level of care at the right time – now.

“Our employees’ reception of RelyMD has been overwhelmingly positive. They’re no longer spending their free time in the urgent care or emergency department and they’re saving money by having 24/7/365 access to healthcare. The fact that they’re truly able to see a provider in less than 10 minutes really makes our employees trust the service.”

Jimmy Person

Director of Human Resources, UNC Lenoir Health Care

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When your employees should consider telehealth

When considering the ER or urgent care for non-emergency

When a primary care physician is not immediately available

When traveling and unfamiliar with local healthcare options

When not able to leave home or work for care

Give your employees a quality, cost-effective option for their healthcare concerns

Your employees can receive quick non-emergent care with a lower possibility of readmissions through remote patient monitoring.

We know telehealth.

We’ve wrapped up over 30 years of combined healthcare and telehealth knowledge in an easy to navigate resource center. Check out our latest findings, guides, reports, and case studies.

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