About Us

RelyMD was founded by a group of 90 innovative emergency medicine physicians in North Carolina who believe that healthcare can be delivered in a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective manner.  We’ve set out on a mission to improve people’s lives by simplifying the way they get healthcare.

Our Story

Hand-Holding-Smartphone-300x204 The idea for RelyMD started with a phone call received by one of our physicians, Bobby Park. His young niece had accidentally cut her hand, and because the pediatrician’s office and urgent care clinics were closed, her mom was getting ready to drive her to the emergency room. The cut wasn’t horrible, but she wasn’t sure if her daughter would need stitches or a tetanus shot. As they were getting into the car, she realized that her brother, the emergency medicine doctor, might be able to save her a trip. Using their smartphones, Dr. Park was able to examine the wound. It turned out that the cut could be handled with soap, water, and simple bandages. They talked about how to clean, dress and manage the wound. In the end, that phone call saved hours of time and hundreds of dollars. The next day in the office, several of us talked about the call, and we all shared similar stories. As emergency medicine providers, we know that there are many times when people don’t need to have access to the full services of an expensive emergency department, but have no other place to get quick access to medical care. If this kind of technology was so helpful to our friends and family, it seemed logical that the general public might want the same benefit. The idea for RelyMD was born.

Homegrown Healthcare

We are proud to be part of the healthcare solution in North Carolina. We believe that compassionate healthcare can be delivered to patients in a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective manner. If you can plan a trip, book a hotel, and call a cab through your smartphone, it seemed natural to us that patients should be able to see a doctor in a similar way. We are helping lead a national online urgent care movement from right here in North Carolina.

Most Importantly

We are committed to providing this service the right way, in a manner that is not only convenient but more importantly, secure and effective. We are helping write the book, literally, on the correct way to practice telemedicine that is being distributed to providers offering this type of service throughout the country.

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