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1. To what types of nursing homes does RelyMD offer services?

All types, including but not limited to skilled nursing facilities, CCRCs, independent living centers, assisted living, post-acute care, and long-term care facilities.

2. Does RelyMD take the place of a facility’s medical director?

No. We are an adjunct service that works with your medical director to set up the highest quality coordinated care for your residents. In particular, RelyMD is valuable when your medical director or primary physicians are not on-site.

3. What type of conditions can RelyMD treat?

Essentially all unscheduled, urgent care type complaints that your residents might have— bronchitis, UTI, skin infections, vomiting/diarrhea, and flu as examples. Our physicians are also comfortable addressing more serious conditions like falls, fever, changes in mental status, and more. Our doctors are all board-certified emergency medicine physicians but have no primary care physicians on our staff, so we are not equipped to manage long-term disease processes, screenings, or other primary-care related services.

4. Why should I be interested in RelyMD?

RelyMD provides your residents with high-quality medical care 24/7/365. Rather than transferring patients to the emergency department, with RelyMD, board certified, actively practicing emergency medicine physicians can treat patients in your facility using state of the art technology. The result? Fewer ED transports, decreased readmission rates, and overall, better care for your residents. You can advertise your facility as having something that many others do not.

5. Does RelyMD have malpractice coverage?

Yes, each RelyMD physician has comprehensive malpractice coverage.

6. How would a typical RelyMD visit work with one my residents?

Take a look at the below image that will show you a simple flow process that would kick off when one of your residents has a medical issue that requires a physician’s opinion.


Written by Chelsea Raegen, January 26, 2017 


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