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RelyMD offers a purpose-built telehealth solution for creating a multi-tiered strategy for expanding convenient access to reliable, trusted care, enhancing consumer engagement, minimizing hospital readmissions, and reducing employee healthcare spends.

Whether you’re responsible for ambulatory/outpatient care, care management, discharge planning, human resources, post-acute services, or system marketing explore how the following telehealth solutions can drive revenue AND reduce costs.

Coordinated Virtual Health + Powerful Metrics

In our view, the best care is coordinated care. While others may offer a transactional patient experience, we take great pride in coordinating care throughout a patient’s journey within the complex healthcare system. With a 95% patient satisfaction score, our trusted providers achieve an 84% resolution rate on a patient’s first consultation, while also coordinating care for those patients with more complex needs. Whether providing community-based virtual urgent care or post-acute care, our physician-led team will help your organization drive new patient acquisition, reduce healthcare spend, and prevent unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions.

On average, our customers achieve an 92% return-on-investment by reducing healthcare spend in “brick and mortar” urgent care and ERs, driving downstream revenue, and improving payment adjustments within the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP).

Community Virtual Health

Consumers’ health behaviors are changing; convenience, coordination, and experience are paramount. With our Community Virtual Health program, your organization can more easily meet families and consumers where they are – anytime, anywhere – with a branded telehealth service. With 1 in 5 telehealth patients needing more complex care, our coordination services map to your entire system of care; driving more patients into your network where they contribute, on average, $3,000 in downstream revenue.

Virtual Post-Acute Care

Pay-for-performance (P4P) programs such as the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP) are stressing an already fragile post-acute network. With our Virtual Post-Acute Care program, your organization can provide enhanced support to nurses and caregivers across your post-acute network by enhancing real-time, on-demand access to reliable, trusted physicians to better coordinate care, divert unnecessary ER visits, and reduce inappropriate readmissions; all while improving HRRP payment adjustments.

Employee Virtual Health

Take care of the people taking care of your community. With our Employee Virtual Health solution, your organization can build a more resilient workforce by delivering real-time, on-demand medical care that supports the busy lives of your teammates – at home or on the job. With convenient – anytime, anywhere – access to reliable, trusted medical care, attract and retain the very best employees while reducing overall employee healthcare spend. Our customers save $1.92 in diverted employee medical claims for every $1 invested; and with 8 out of 10 employees not needing additional care, RelyMD meets their healthcare needs immediately.

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