Today’s Employees Demand More!

Human resources executives have taken notice and offering employee benefits that address the busy lives of their teammates – at home or on the job. With convenient – anytime, anywhere – access to reliable, trusted medical care, attract and retain the very best employees while reducing overall employee healthcare spend. 

Employees love RelyMD.

RelyMD has been delivering virtual patient care since 2015 and has developed strict medical standards that deliver good medicine and happy patients.



patient recommendation rate


patients who would use again


patient satisfaction rate


patients who saved time

97% of patients would recommend RelyMD.

99% of patients would use RelyMD again.

95% of patients were satisfied with their provider.

94% of patients agree that RelyMD saved time in their personal life.

Control rising healthcare spend.

Reduce healthcare spend by diverting employees from inappropriate use of high-cost settings such as emergency rooms and urgent care to a cost-effective alternative – available anytime, anywhere (24/7).


Strong annualized utilization rate that is 4x that of the average telehealth vendor;


Customers achieve a 92% return on investment, which translates into a savings of $1.92 in diverted employee medical claims for every $1 invested;


8 out of 10 employees resolve their medical issue on the first consult; and


99% of patients got back to work faster.

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