Telemedicine for Nursing Homes

Learn how RelyMD can help you reduce hospital
readmissions, increase revenue & keep residents healthy.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions with Access to Emergency Specialists 24/7/365

Potentially avoidable hospital readmissions for long-term care residents are costly. Costly for the resident who is at risk for adverse effects when out of their familiar environment and costly for the nursing home facility who is losing revenue when beds are empty.
RelyMD helps reduce the number of hospital transfers by providing access to an actively practicing emergency medicine provider 24/7/365.

Your medical providers can access RelyMD providers via mobile app, online video, or phone call.
This is specifically helpful during after hours and at times when physicians are not on-site.

reduce hospital readmissions fast

It’s Fast

On average you’ll wait less than 10 minutes to see a provider.

reduce hospital readmissions with additional support

Provide Additional Support

Visit with our providers when your primary care physician is unavailable.

reduce hospital readmissions and increase revenue

Increase Revenue

Eliminate empty beds, save reimbursements & draw new residents.

How RelyMD Works with Your Retirement Community or Nursing Home

reduce hospital readmissions with RelyMD

*Staffed by Wake Emergency Physicians, PA

Telemedicine has seen success in nursing homes by helping facilities put a hospital readmissions reduction program in place. By offering RelyMD at your facility, you’re giving residents and medical staff access to over our providers who treat over 300,000 patients every year. Many of these patients are seniors who are transferred from their nursing facility and many of these could have been avoided.

Given the recent changes to the Nursing Home Compare ratings, many nursing homes are looking for ways to prevent these hospital readmissions. Not only will telemedicine help you save money, but it will help attract new patients who are looking for higher levels of care.

To learn more about how RelyMD can help your retirement community or nursing home, please fill out the form to the right or reach out with details provided below.


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