Rapid Response

The key to keeping your health system functioning at full capacity during times of an outbreak is reducing unnecessary exposures for your medical team. Ordering and scheduling testing are both key elements for completing the screening process for your patients while protecting providers.

Telehealth is reducing COVID-19 exposures for healthcare workers across the country.

Our virtual health platform allows your patients to receive preliminary coronavirus screening, advances qualified patients to the most appropriate place for testing, and gives all patients access to remote monitoring for worsening symptoms – all without stepping foot inside your facility.


Rapid Response Workflows.

Efficient telehealth workflows mean physicians don’t skip a beat. Each workflow is custom to a health system’s needs. RelyMD’s technology allows cross-network coordination and advancing patients to proper channels for testing whether that’s with local public health authorities or automated ordering of conditional tests for quick diagnosis.

Every RelyMD customer works with our customer success team to build a workflow that works for their own system’s unique challenges. Below are two examples of how RelyMD works with community-wide health teams to prevent unnecessary exposures and actually advances patients to their next step of care.


Rapid Response
Virtual Triage

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Rapid Response Virtual
Triage + Diagnostics

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Care Coordination

RelyMD has, at its core, an advanced ability to move patients through to their next step of care. Our care coordination tools allow health systems to remain hands-off as their patients are guided through their network to the most appropriate setting. This powerful capability lets providers order necessary tests directly from our platform or connects patients with their local public health testing authority, dependent on their community’s arraingements. RelyMD provides a safety net for hospitals looking to shield their workers from avoidable exposures.

Hospital Affiliated Test Site

Public Health Department

Testing ordered through RelyMD, test-sites ready upon patients’ arrival.

In addition, RelyMD can guide patients to other types of healthcare facilities within network dependent on need and after initial screenings result as negative.



Emergency Department

Primary Care


Urgent Care

Home Health


Flexible Staffing Model.

We make it easy to provide a 24/7 telemedicine service by giving you options.

You have the ability to self-staff the service using your providers, outsource the entire operation to our experienced physicians, or implement a hybrid model – we’ll help fill in the gaps.



“The fast response from the RelyMD provider was outstanding. Not having to call and schedule an appointment some three days later or go to the emergency room was very beneficial to me.”

RelyMD Patient

The Catalyst for Telehealth

We believe this novel coronavirus will be the catalyst for the greater adoption of telehealth. Health systems with a virtual healthcare service in place during the COVID-19 outbreak will impart a new way to access care among the patients of their greater community after the crisis has ended.

We make it easy to get started now. RelyMD can be ready to deploy to your community in 48 hours.

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