RelyMD Helps You Keep Patients

A virtual medicine solution that attracts new patients while
keeping current patients in your provider network.

keep patients with better coordinated care

Provide Better Coordinated Care

Use RelyMD to better coordinate your patients’ care. We’ll help keep patients within your network for other medical needs.

keep patients by providing easier access

See More Patients

Provide easy access to increase your patient census without overwhelming your current medical staff members.

keep patients by reducing their healthcare costs

Reduce Patients’ Healthcare Costs

Cut ED and urgent care visits for non-emergency medical needs and you’ll save your patients money.

How RelyMD Works with Your Health System

learn how RelyMD helps health systems keep patients

Use RelyMD to Help Keep More Patients

Easy to implement telemedicine


When you provide your patients with access to actively practicing emergency medicine providers via RelyMD, you’re offering benefits that will beat out the competition. Easy access, low visit costs, and 24/7/365 availability positions your health care system at the top.

Offering a telemedicine solution serves as a great way to keep patients within your health system. By offering an additional, fast, and easy way for your patients to see a doctor within your provider network, you’re able to increase the chances they’ll select your system rather than looking for a new provider who can see them earlier.

Without having to rely on your own staff members, you’re able to see more patients in your physical locations by keeping more appointment times available for those who truly need an in-person visit or those who are experiencing a medical situation classified as an emergency.

keep patients
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