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Increase patient satisfaction with telemedicine

Seventy-five percent of health systems have a competitor within 15 miles of their location. This includes not only other health systems but also doctor offices outside of their health system who are able to offer some procedures typically reserved for hospital settings, within their own office. Within competitive markets, health systems need to find ways to increase patient satisfaction to ensure retention. By utilizing telemedicine, you can increase your health system’s patient satisfaction dramatically. Take a look at RelyMD’s satisfaction rates below to gain an understanding of why patients are more likely to return if they have easy access to care, especially if it saves them time and money.

Patients Love RelyMD

RelyMD patients who respond to our post-care survey share how much they
appreciate the ability to see our actively practicing emergency medicine providers.
Here are their responses to our survey.


of Patients Would Use RelyMD Again


of Patients Would Recommend RelyMD to a Friend


of Patients are Satisfied with RelyMD Provider's Care

Our doctors receive excellent patient satisfaction rates

Absolutely wonderful! Recommend it to all my co-workers. The physician was professional, courteous, thorough and discreet. Without a doubt, a top-notch service!

-RelyMD Patient

…And Here’s Why

“I am much more likely to seek necessary medical care, because of the convenience and accessibility of this service. My experience was completely positive.”

-RelyMD Patient


of Patients Say RelyMD Saved Them Time in Personal Life


of Patients Say RelyMD Helped Them Get Back to Work Faster

Happy current patients help you prove to those looking for a healthcare provider why they should choose you over the competition. Make your health system the obvious choice by driving patient satisfaction. Learn more about how telemedicine can help you keep and retain more patients here.

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