Employee Benefits That Are Every Manager’s Dream

The other employee benefits are added workforce productivity and decreased absenteeism.  Let’s be honest: when an employee gets sick, they’re probably going to try to tough it out in the office and save paid time off for vacations.  With a quick healthcare visit via our website, RelyMD’s providers can determine whether or not she’s contagious.  If needed, we can prescribe medicine to get her feeling better and to prevent the entire office from getting sick.  If she chooses, we can even email a note to you as the employer. Without RelyMD, if the employee decides she needs to see a doctor, she will waste time scheduling an appointment, fighting traffic on the way to her doctor’s office, and sitting in a waiting room filled with other sick people before having to stop by the pharmacy on the way home.  This waste is often absorbed by the employer in late arrivals, early departures, or long lunches. With RelyMD, the 10 minutes spent with our providers will get your employees feeling better faster and spending more time doing the things your business needs them to do: their work!

Featured Case Study

employee benefits of telemedicine

Learn how UNC Lenoir Health Care uses telemedicine to save on healthcare costs.

Not Convinced?

Take a look at our post-consult survey results

  • RelyMD helped me get back to work faster 87% 87%
  • RelyMD saved me time in personal life 98% 98%
  • RelyMD completely solved my medical issue, no further care was necessary 90% 90%

Don’t Forget the Satellite Office!

For employees who spend a lot of time on the road, live in rural areas, or work in a satellite office, a service like RelyMD can be the difference between having access to medical care and not.  The remote employee benefits as technology allows for today’s workforce to operate in a more geographically dispersed environment, we believe that RelyMD allows healthcare to do the same.

Does RelyMD Replace My Employees’ Primary Care Doctor?

No, absolutely not. We’re simply offering an alternative that will be available to the employee 24-7 from the comfort of home. We’ll even arrange to have our treatment record forwarded to the designated primary care provider and work with the employee’s preferred pharmacy to fill (non-narcotic) prescriptions.

OK, I’m interested. What next?

Reach out!  We’ll set up a call to give you more information about our service and how provides many employee benefits.  We can even show you a demonstration of how an encounter with a RelyMD provider would work for your employees. Submit the form for more information on RelyMD.

Email sales@relymd.com

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