On-demand virtual exams & provider coverage for correctional care

RelyMD’s telehealth solution gives correctional care teams 24/7 access to remote care from emergency-trained providers.

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Avoid unnecessary ER visits

Treat more patients within the correctional facility and avoid unnecessary ER visits, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming transports.

On-demand access to providers

Our dedicated providers are available round-the-clock, even overnight and on weekends to help triage calls and make in-place care plans that are effortless for your nursing team.

Improved medical outcomes

Immediate access to care means catching symptoms before they progress, limiting expensive treatments and reducing overall healthcare spend.

Your fully managed telehealth solution.

Seamless integration with your existing EHR

Synchronize your patient medical history and population health information with our fully integrated digital database even available for homegrown EHRs.

Recognize trends

Track patient outcomes

Extend your physician availability

Prevent the spread of infectious disease

Cooperative care plan development

Our providers work closely with your entire team to estbalish detailed care plans and get to the bottom of illnesses faster, freeing up more resources for the rest of the population.

Direct provider-to-patient facilitated video exams

Patients feel heard and well-cared-for through attentive video consults that assist with difficult diagnoses and symptom monitoring.

Limit the risk of exposure

Fewer in-person exams means less exposures for your staff and an overall healthier correctional facility. Roughly 80% of RelyMD patients do not require follow-up care.

We know telehealth.

We’ve wrapped up over 30 years of combined healthcare and telehealth knowledge in an easy to navigate resource center. Check out our latest findings, guides, reports, and case studies.

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