Boost Revenue with Community-Wide Virtual Care

RelyMD’s Community Virtual Health program provides your organization with a managed, hands-off approach to offering a successful, fully integrated, and revenue generating telemedicine service – that is fully reimbursed by payers.

The best part? Easy implementation and no financial risks.

Today’s patients and consumers demand more convenient, coordinated care – anytime, anywhere. With RelyMD’s community-based telehealth program, you can deliver a powerful patient experience that meets your patients where they are.

Partnering with RelyMD provides you with:

  • The ability to deliver virtual care with minimal upfront costs
  • Experienced telehealth providers credentialed within your facility and/or practice
  • Easily billable events and all necessary documentation for total reimbursement
  • A broader patient network
  • New streams of revenue

RelyMD is more than a platform, it’s a complete community virtual
health solution that generates revenue.

Here’s how our team quickly launches telehealth programs that amplify your reach, deliver impressive patient experiences, and help you accomplish financially successful virtual consults.

1. RelyMD delivers private-label telehealth web and mobile apps.

2. Your organization announces the launch of its virtual healthcare service.
3. RelyMD providers, as an extension of your practice, begin seeing your patients.
4. RelyMD charts and care plans sync with your EHR.

5. RelyMD provides your team all required documentation to billing and claims processing.

Care Coordination for Improved Outcomes Beyond Virtual Health

In-person evaluations and treatments will forever be a part of the healthcare experience, but telehealth should be regarded as an important extension of an organization’s existing mode of care. Here’s how RelyMD’s experienced providers combined with custom care coordination protocols maximize revenue across all channels.

RelyMD is built on essential elements proven for driving telehealth success.

Branded Virtual Care

“Easy button” for delivering a branded telehealth offering to your community, members, employees.

Flexible Staffing Model

Reliable, trusted provider network that
can supplement and support hospital-affiliated providers.

Evidenced-Based Guidelines

Proven guidelines that support provider decision making and in-place, high-quality care.

On-Demand, 24/7 Access

Convenient – anywhere, anytime –
access to care.

Care Coordination Protocols

Coordination services to map to your entire system of care, driving referrals or diverting unnecessary high-cost care.

Performance Metrics

Measure operational and
clinical performance.

Nationwide Provider Network

Certified and credentialed providers located in communities around the nation.

Robust Technology Platform

Purpose-built care platform that includes consumer-friendly mobile/web apps.

EHR/EMR Interface

Connect all major EMR vendors and exchanges.

Results matter.

Hospital executives, clinical, marketing, and innovation teams rely on our virtual telehealth solutions to engage patients and drive downstream revenue.

average wait time (min) to see a provider


patients with complex care needs


annual revenue per patient

Patients treated in 10 minutes, not hours.
With 1 in 5 telehealth patients needing more complex care, our coordination services map to your entire system of care.
Drive more patients into your network where they contribute, on average, $3,000 in annual downstream revenue (Source: Advisory Board).

Flexible Staffing Model

Utilize Our Providers

Fully staff your telehealth service with RelyMD’s community-based providers located across the country. Fully credentialed, actively practicing, and hand-selected.

Use Your Physicians

Want your medical providers to staff the telehealth service? Simply license the RelyMD platform and operational playbook.

Apply a Hybrid Model

Want to do a mix of both? No problem! If your providers can’t staff the service 24/7 ours can step in where help is needed. Our unique hybrid model allows the flexibility to meet your needs.

Learn how RelyMD can increase patient access

Let our telehealth expert show you how powerful Community Virtual Health can be.

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