Typically release notes are reserved for regular application updates, but we’re excited to launch this very special edition for the brand new RelyMD app. As patients log-in to see a RelyMD provider after December 2, they’ll be surprised with a fresh look and feel that will give users a better experience from start to finish. Employer and hospital customers will notice features that will improve health outcomes for their account users and overall business objectives. Patients will enjoy better connectivity and a smoother experience.




What’s New



Healthcare Simplified

Patients utilize telemedicine as a way to get healthcare in a simplified way. With the new RelyMD app, we’re making it even easier. A smoother user interface naturally progresses from one step to the next as a way to make seeing a provider even faster. We’re also allowing users to securely store payment information as a way to improve access without the hassle of re-entry each time you need to see a provider.


Improved Video and Audio Quality

Nothing halts telemedicine consults like an audio or visual problem.

A primary focus of the new RelyMD app was improving both audio and visual connection as to not interrupt provider/patient consults. Beta tests proved patients are impressed with the quality and reliability of our audio and video connection. Providers are happy because they can do away with technical troubleshooting. Clients can feel good knowing patients are more likely to be repeat users as connection reliability soars.


In-App Healthcare Tips

You might notice a few extras scattered strategically throughout the new application. We have launched in-app banners that consider seasonal health influencers and display gentle reminders of health and wellness tips. We can remind patients that RelyMD can treat children, give a heads up that flu season is at its peak, or even provide special updates during local disasters. For community virtual health customers, these are completely customizable for your brand and can be updated in real-time.


More Regular Updates

In the past, we weren’t able to update our application as frequently as we would have liked and patient/client feedback took longer to address. We are incredibly excited to be able to decisively configure improvements and get them out quickly moving forward. This means our patients and customers have a louder voice as to what is included in new releases and will see their requests sooner.

Our team has been hard at work on this big release for RelyMD and we’re looking forward to continuing to serve our patients and customers with the best in telemedicine from our providers to our technology. Have questions? Reach out.

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