Provide Better Access to Health Care

RelyMD provides a solution to health systems and care providers that gives current and new patients better access to care. By supplying 24/7/365 access to actively practicing emergency medicine providers you’re giving current patients an easy way to continue care within your provider network for non-emergency medical needs while providing an easy to access point of entry for new patients who are looking for medical care.

Providing additional ways patients can access care will help increase your patient flow and help you generate more revenue without overwhelming your existing staff. RelyMD makes it easy for your health system to implement a telemedicine service that gives you an edge over competing systems and urgent care facilities while simultaneously maximizing your efficiency and revenue.


I wanted to send you a quick note regarding how impressed I was with using RelyMD for my daughter last night. This process could not have been any easier or more convenient. Added bonus: I didn’t need to take time off to take her to the doctor and she did not miss school. I’m a fan for life!

-RelyMD Patient

New patients see a doctor in less than 10 minutes
New patients are seen by emergency medicine physicians

The fast response from the RelyMD Physician was outstanding. Not having to call and schedule an appointment some three days later or go to the emergency room or go to a doc-in-a-box facility was very beneficial to me.

-RelyMD Patient

RelyMD Allows Health Systems to…

Retain Patients
Attract & Retain Patients
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Reduce Non-Emergency ED Visits
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Maximize Patient Flow


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Beat Out the Competition

Expand Your Reach

In addition to providing better access to health care to residents within your health system’s immediate area, you’re helping potential new patients in difficult to reach populations including those in rural areas and those who are rare users of health care.

Not only are they able to access top-notch medical care in remote locations, you’re able to reduce their visit costs by removing the barrier of transportation and loss of wages from having to take time away from work to maintain their health.

To learn more about how RelyMD can help your health system, request more information by selecting “Learn More” to the right. You can also reach out using details provided below.