We believe that the best benefits a company can provide are those
that make employees’ lives better.  Crazy thought, right?

Employers in Every Industry are Saving Money with RelyMD

By 2018, organizations are predicted to be lowering the cost of their healthcare expenses by
$6 billion through the launch of a telemedicine service for members of their staff.

What we’ve observed is that most companies are offering the same stale mix of expensive health insurance, gym memberships, and retirement plans that have been around for years.  RelyMD has an answer for this: a benefit that can make your employees’ lives better.

When we founded RelyMD, we set out on a mission to improve people’s lives by simplifying the way they seek healthcare while offering a different experience than most telemedicine companies. When an employee is sick, the last thing she wants to do is go through the hassle of scheduling an appointment, driving to the doctor’s office, then sitting in a waiting room with other sick people.  When an employee’s son wakes up with a fever in the middle of the night, the last thing you want as a self-insured employer is for her to drive to the emergency room and incur a $1,250 bill if that level of care isn’t necessary.

This seemed unnecessary and wasteful to us, so we decided to do something about it.


How it Works

How telemedicine companies work

How telemedicine companies save you money

How telemedicine companies keep employees happy

Step 1

Each employee creates an account. This gives our providers with some medical background information to use when treating them in the future; it also allows our system to determine which patients are part of your company’s account. This login information will be used by your employees across each of their mobile devices and web browser.

Step 2

Going forward, we encourage your employees to use RelyMD as their first ‘go to’ source whenever (24/7) they need medical treatment.  While we can’t treat everything online, we can probably do more than you think. We can even call in a prescription to their closest pharmacy.

Step 3

“Win-Win-Win”: Your employees love you because their busy lives get easier.  You love us because you’re saving money, and our providers love it because they get to focus on the patient, not distractions in the hospital.

Sound Too Good to Be True?

RelyMD’s telemedicine solution provides your employees with the ability to see a provider by way of a video connection whenever they want (24/7), from wherever they want.  Whether it’s a simple prescription refill, addressing flu symptoms during the workday, or a sick child after hours, we’re here for you when you need us.  And the best part—it saves employers money.

Your employees can access RelyMD via our mobile app, a web browser on their computer, or by a good old fashion phone call. No matter the way they prefer to access RelyMD, they’ll be seen in less than 10 minutes.

Adding Telemedicine to Your Group Health Plan is Easy & Saves on Healthcare Costs

The N.E. Health Institute estimates that over half of emergency room visits are not emergencies.  On average, these visits cost employers well over $1,000.  Even an urgent care visit averages $140 to employers.  RelyMD, on the other hand, costs about $50 per visit. Often times, employees are simply using these facilities because they have no other choice available.  If you cut yourself while cooking on a Saturday evening, your only option for evaluation may be a hospital.  In fact, 29% of ER visits occur on the weekends, when most doctors’ offices are closed.  By adding telemedicine to your group health plan and letting our providers evaluate and treat your employees from the comfort of their home or even from the office, we are keeping them from unnecessarily seeking high-cost treatment. For each visit to the ER that we prevent, your company saves about $850.  For each visit to an urgent care center that we prevent, your company saves about $90.

According to the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey:


Nationally, 60% of emergency department visits occur after business hours


21% of patients are not given medication in the emergency department


For private insurance patients, only 15% of visits to the emergency department result in admission

Ensure Utilization

With the help of RelyMD you can ensure the telemedicine solution offered to your employees is being used. Compared to the average 3% utilization rate of nationwide telemedicine providers, one RelyMD client sees a 25% annualized utilization rate among employees on their group health plan. Telemedicine utilization has not yet reached its full potential, but with clear communication and the right implementation tools, you too could be seeing high rates of usage along with cost savings that will leave your boss impressed (and healthy). Download the case study to learn more.

Ready to Get Started? Join the Crowd!

Towers Watson projects a 68% increase in the number of employers offering online urgent care services through telemedicine companies in 2015 and that 71% percent of employers are expected to offer these services by 2017.  This equates to an estimated $6 billion saved through the adoption of telemedicine.

OK, I’m interested. What next?

Reach out!  We’ll set up a call to give you more information about our service and how it stacks up compared to other telemedicine companies.  We can even show you a demonstration of how an encounter with a provider would work for your employees. Submit the form for more information on RelyMD.