Is your benefits plan outdated?

We believe that the best benefits a company can provide are those
that make employees’ lives better.  Crazy thought, right?

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How RelyMD Saves Your Business Money

What we’ve observed is that most companies are offering the same stale mix of expensive health insurance, gym memberships, and retirement plans that have been around for years.  RelyMD has an answer for this: a benefit that can make your employees’ lives better.

When we founded RelyMD, we set out on a mission to improve people’s lives by simplifying the way they see a doctor while offering a different experience than most telemedicine companies. When an employee is sick, the last thing she wants to do is go through the hassle of scheduling an appointment, driving to the doctor’s office, then sitting in a waiting room with other sick people.  When an employee’s son wakes up with a fever in the middle of the night, the last thing you want as a self-insured employer is for her to drive to the emergency room and incur a $1,250 bill if that level of care isn’t necessary.

This seemed unnecessary and wasteful to us, so we decided to do something about it.


Results of RelyMD user survey: “If you hadn’t been able to use RelyMD today, where would you have gone for care today?”

  • Emergency Department 10%
  • Urgent Care 49%
  • Waited for Doctor Appointment 34%
  • Waited to See What Happened 7%
How telemedicine companies work

How It Works

Provide your employees with the ability to
see a doctor via video whenever they
want (24/7), from wherever they want.
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How telemedicine companies save you money

Save More Money

Change the site of your employees’
medical care from high-cost
facilities to “no-cost” facilities.
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How telemedicine companies keep employees happy

Make Employees Happy

The other benefit to employers is
added workforce productivity.
It’s every manager’s dream.
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Ready to Get Started? Join the Crowd!

Towers Watson projects a 68% increase in the number of employers offering online urgent care services through telemedicine companies in 2015 and that 71% percent of employers are expected to offer these services by 2017.  This equates to an estimated $6 billion saved through the adoption of telemedicine.

OK, I’m interested. What next?

Reach out!  We’ll set up a call to give you more information about our service and how it stacks up compared to other telemedicine companies.  We can even show you a demonstration of how an encounter with a doctor would work for your employees. Submit the form for more information on RelyMD.

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