Our telemedicine service keeps your employees from relying on expensive urgent care facilities and emergency departments for care.


For companies with self-funded health plans, helping employees avoid high-cost facilities is key for reducing the rising cost of insurance. With telemedicine’s 24/7 access, emergency departments and urgent care facilities are no longer the 1st point of care for late-night, non-emergency medical conditions.


Not only is RelyMD available 24/7, but it’s a fraction of the cost compared to other facilities –  no matter what time your employees need care. Available as an application for mobile devices or from the web browser on a computer, RelyMD is easily accessible whether your employees are at home or on the go.

Local Providers

We believe healthcare can be provided virtually but should be delivered locally. Our highly-trained providers are regionally-based, helping your employees navigate local health systems when needed.

Cure Presenteeism

Keep your employees healthier by encouraging them to seek care when they need it. Telemedicine stops employees from bringing illnesses to work and helps them get the care fast.

Short Wait

Your employees wait, on average, less than 10 minutes to see a provider. Registration to prescription (when deemed necessary) is a quick and easy process. We always have dedicated providers available on-demand.

Marketing Support

We’ll help keep your employees engaged throughout the year. Through seasonal, multi-channel campaigns – everyone in your organization will know about this cost-saving benefit.

Impressive Utilization

Your organization can expect a higher than average utilization rate with the right tools in place. Your account manager will help develop custom strategies to ensure your employees are using the service.

On-Site Access

Want a different option for your employees? We’ll help you set up a “homeroom” – a special area where your employees can access RelyMD in private while they’re still at work.

“Our employees’ reception of RelyMD has been overwhelmingly positive. They’re no longer spending their free time in the urgent care or emergency department and they’re saving money by having 24/7/365 access to healthcare. The fact that they’re truly able to see a provider in less than 10 minutes really makes our employees trust the service.”

Jimmy Person
Director of Human Resources
UNC Lenoir Health Care



UNC Lenoir Health Care
How this hospital helped employees avoid high-cost facilities and saved over $260K in healthcare costs.

How to Increase the Use of Telemedicine Among Your Employees
Easy steps you can take to increase adoption, company-wide.

Cost Savings Report
Reviews 6 organizations who provide their employees with access to RelyMD and details how and how much they’ve saved over the course of 1 year.

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