A 24/7 Emergency Medicine Provider Your Nursing Facility Can Afford

Reduce transfers and avoid penalties while helping manage your
residents care with around the clock access to emergency medicine specialists.

Reduce Readmissions

Our ER providers can help your staff recognize when urgent health conditions don’t warrant a trip to the hospital, reducing readmissions and penalties.

Access ER Providers

Access the same providers your residents would see if they made a trip to the ER. They’re highly trained in conditions often seen in elderly patients.

Always Available

Most facilities cannot afford to have a physician or nurse practitioner on staff 24/7 and now they don’t have to. RelyMD is staffed 24/7 and available in less than 10 minutes.

Improve Continuity

Our providers will guide your nursing staff through integrative treatment plans and ensure medical visit notes are recorded properly and added to the resident’s file.

Cost Savings Opportunities

The biggest impact on a nursing facility’s bottom line can easily be bucketed under hospital readmissions. According to Dr. Steven Handler of UPMC, a SNF can expect an average loss of $2,518 for each hospitalization of a resident. Additionally, the October 2018 CMS payment adjustment plan will impact SNFs who see frequent hospitalizations by reducing their Medicare reimbursement.

By giving your nursing staff 24/7 access to providers who are experienced in providing urgent care in an emergency room setting, you can expect to decrease your avoidable hospitalizations by up to 60%.

Our Providers

Our experienced providers are actively practicing emergency medicine specialists are providing urgent care day in and day out within emergency departments across 3 health systems in the Raleigh-area of North Carolina. These are the very same providers who provide care to senior patients who have been transferred to a hospital from a local facility. They are specially trained and experienced in establishing care treatment plans and can work with your facility staff to reduce potentially avoidable hospital admissions. Learn more about our providers here.

Continuity of Care

Residents of nursing home facilities see many different providers throughout any given day. Hospital transfers add to the mix of care they receive and can wreak havoc when it comes to keeping PHI (patient health information) records in sync. At first glance, adding an additional service to the mix might even create a more disparate system of records, but RelyMD can actually help.

After each telemedicine consultation, RelyMD providers include a detailed note about the visit and treatment plan that was put in place. This read-only file is added to their health record and can be seen by any other provider they encounter. Additionally, if a hospital admission is deemed necessary, our providers not only call the appropriate ED ahead of time, they help facilitate the hand-off to ensure your residents’ needs are met immediately.

How It Works

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