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How Much Can Your Organization Save by Offering Telemedicine to Employees?


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Telemedicine is often touted as a way to save on the tremendous cost of employee benefits. It gives employers a way to offer cutting-edge healthcare, while reducing unnecessary and expensive hospital costs. But curious minds want to know: how does a telemedicine platform really impact an organization’s bottom line?

In this report, you’ll find data from six hospitals and health systems that implemented a telemedicine program. Learn how much they’re saving through the deployment of a virtual health clinic, and utilize the data to support your own telemedicine implementation.

You’ll Learn:

  • How much North Carolina hospitals are saving through high-cost facility avoidance
  • The ROI these hospitals are gaining through an employer-sponsored virtual clinic
  • How your hospital or health system could benefit from this strategy
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Telemedicine for Hospitals and Health Systems

Hospitals and health systems that have implemented a telemedicine inadvertently increase their reach to patients to patients who otherwise wouldn’t seek care from their network. In addition, they’re keeping current patients from seeking healthcare elsewhere and significantly improving patient satisfaction. You can learn more about how telemedicine can add to your existing infrastructure here.

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