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Delivering 24/7 Health Care Access Has Never Been Easier

The benefits of telemedicine are infinite when new and existing patients have the ability to
seek high-quality care from your hospital’s white-labeled telemedicine platform.

RelyMD believes that accessing medical care should be simple, less intimidating, and more convenient. We help hospitals address unscheduled care needs with an easy to implement virtual medicine solution while providing patients with additional points of entry to your health system by offering 24/7 access to actively practicing emergency medicine providers via online video, mobile app, or phone call. Our average wait time to see a provider is fewer than 10 minutes. Providing this service will help you attract new patients, increase the likelihood that existing patients will continue to choose your provider network for ongoing care, and increase patient satisfaction.

Improve the way your patients access health care while guiding them to the most cost-effective place of service within your provider network. The benefits of telemedicine for those health systems implementing a population health approach include continuity of care, boosted patient engagement, better care transitions, and improved access to care by those in rural areas.

Increase Access to Care

Telemedicine provides a solution to health systems and care providers that gives current and new patients better access to care. By supplying 24/7/365 access to emergency medicine specialists you’re giving current patients an easy way to continue care within your provider network for non-emergency medical needs while providing an easy to access point of entry for new patients who are looking for medical care.

Providing additional ways patients can access care will help increase your patient flow and help you generate more revenue without overwhelming your existing staff. RelyMD makes it easy for your health system to implement a telemedicine service that gives you an edge over competing systems and urgent care facilities while simultaneously maximizing your efficiency and revenue. Our white-labeled platform is tailored to your brand standards, delivering care with your organization’s existing and well-known level of service.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Seventy-five percent of health systems have a competitor within 15 miles of their location. This includes not only other health systems but also doctor offices outside of their health system who are able to offer some procedures typically reserved for hospital settings, within their own office. Within competitive markets, health systems need to find ways to increase patient satisfaction to ensure retention. By utilizing telemedicine, you can increase your health system’s patient satisfaction dramatically. Take a look at RelyMD’s satisfaction rates below to gain an understanding of why patients are more likely to return if they have easy access to care, especially if it saves them time and money.


of Patients Would Use RelyMD Again


of Patients Would Recommend RelyMD to a Friend


of Patients are Satisfied with RelyMD Provider's Care

Keep More Patients

For health systems with a large number of in-network providers, there are many reasons patients break the relationship and seek additional care from a local, competing provider:

  1. Lack of care continuity between facilities demotes importance of network integrity
  2. Patients seek easier-to-access outside care during after-hour periods
  3. Your physicians are referring them out of network
  4. Medical necessity due to lack of specialists

Telemedicine providers who are able to fully integrate into your network have an easier time of referring patients who came through your telemedicine portal back to a provider in your network for primary care designation in the event they do not already have one established or follow-on care is necessary for a certain condition that cannot be fully treated with telemedicine.

By providing virtual care you can also decrease the chances that they’ll be seen in a retail clinic or urgent care facility where a larger gap can be created in continuity of care. Instead of having a patient with a damaged medical record, you’re instead providing them additional ways to seek care but allowing their medical record to remain intact.

I wanted to send you a quick note regarding how impressed I was with using RelyMD for my daughter last night. This process could not have been any easier or more convenient. Added bonus: I didn’t need to take time off to take her to the doctor and she did not miss school. I’m a fan for life!

RelyMD Patient

I am much more likely to seek necessary medical care, because of the convenience and accessibility of this service. My experience was completely positive.

RelyMD Patient

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