How RelyMD Saves Your Business Money.

Worried that your benefits plan is outdated?  It probably is…

We believe that the best benefits a company can provide are those that make employees’ lives better.  Crazy thought, right?  But what we’ve observed is that most companies are offering the same stale mix of expensive health insurance, gym memberships, and retirement plans that have been around for years.  RelyMD has an answer for this: a benefit that can make your employees’ lives better.

When we founded RelyMD, we set out on a mission to improve people’s lives by simplifying the way they get healthcare.  When an employee is sick, the last thing she wants to do is go through the hassle of scheduling an appointment, driving to the doctor’s office, then sitting in a waiting room with other sick people.  When an employee’s son wakes up with a fever in the middle of the night, the last thing you want as a self-insured employer is for her to drive to the emergency room and incur a $1,250 bill if that level of care isn’t necessary.

This seemed unnecessary and wasteful to us, so we decided to do something about it.

  • Emergency Department 10% 10%
  • Urgent Care 49% 49%
  • Waited for a doctor’s appointment 34% 34%
  • Waited to see what happened 7% 7%

Results of RelyMD user survey: “If you hadn’t been able to use RelyMD today, where would you have gone for care today?”

More for Less: Healthcare In Your Pocket

RelyMD provides your employees with the ability to see a provider by way of a video connection whenever they want (24/7), from wherever they want.  And now, with the RelyMD app available, it’s truly like having “a provider at your side.”  Whether it’s a simple prescription refill, addressing flu symptoms during the workday, or a sick child after hours, we’re here for you when you need us.  And the best part—it saves employers money.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how it works:

  1. Once signed up with RelyMD, each employee creates an account.  This provides our providers with some medical background information to use when treating them in the future; it also allows our system to determine which patients are part of your company’s account.  This login information will be used by your employees across each of their mobile devices and web browser.
  2. Going forward, we encourage your employees to use RelyMD as their first ‘go to’ source whenever (24/7) they need medical treatment.  While we can’t treat everything online, we can probably do more than you think. We can even call in a prescription to your closest pharmacy.
  3. “Win-Win-Win”: Your employees love you because their busy lives get easier.  You love us because you’re saving money, and our providers love it because they get to focus on the patient, not distractions in the hospital.

How does it save my company money?

In a sentence: we change the site of their medical care from high-cost facilities (emergency rooms and urgent care centers) to ‘no-cost’ facilities (their homes or office). Bar GraphThe N.E. Health Institute estimates that over half of emergency room visits are not emergencies.  On average, these visits cost employers well over $1,000.  Even an urgent care visit averages $140 to employers.  RelyMD, on the other hand, costs about $50 per visit. Often times, employees are simply using these facilities because they have no other choice available.  If you cut yourself while cooking on a Saturday evening, your only option for evaluation may be a hospital.  In fact, 29% of ER visits occur on the weekends, when most doctors’ offices are closed.  By letting our providers evaluate and treat your patients from the comfort of their home, we are keeping them from unnecessarily seeking high-cost treatment. For each visit to the ER that we prevent, your company saves about $850.  For each visit to an urgent care center that we prevent, your company saves about $90.


Every Manager’s Dream

The other benefit to employers is added workforce productivity.  Let’s be honest: when an employee gets sick, they’re probably going to try to tough it out in the office and save paid time off for vacations.  With a quick visit via our website, RelyMD’s providers can determine whether or not she’s contagious.  If needed, we can prescribe medicine to get her feeling better and to prevent the entire office from getting sick.  If she chooses, we can even email a note to you as the employer. Without RelyMD, if the employee decides she needs to see a doctor, she will waste time scheduling an appointment, fighting traffic on the way to her doctor’s office, and sitting in a waiting room filled with other sick people before having to stop by the pharmacy on the way home.  This waste is often absorbed by the employer in late arrivals, early departures, or long lunches. With RelyMD, the 10 minutes spent with our providers will get your employees feeling better faster and spending more time doing the things your business needs them to do: their work!

Don’t Forget the Satellite Office!

For employees who spend a lot of time on the road, live in rural areas, or work in a satellite office, a service like RelyMD can be the difference between having access to medical care and not.  As technology allows for today’s workforce to operate in a more geographically dispersed environment, we believe that RelyMD allows healthcare to do the same.

What about my employees’ privacy?

Every provider-patient interaction via RelyMD is protected with the same level of encryption as many of our country’s most sensitive government agencies and military units.  We accomplished this by partnering with TCS, a nationally accredited telecommunications firm that specializes in providing secure communication networks to the government’s most sensitive branches.  Our platform is HIPAA-compliant and HITECH secure.  What this means for you is that when your employee sees a provider via RelyMD, you can rest assured that the confidential interaction is just that—between the employee and provider.

 Ready to Get Started?  Join the crowd…

Towers Watson projects a 68% increase in the number of employers offering online urgent care services in 2015 and that 71% percent of employers are expected to offer these services by 2017.  This equates to an estimated $6 billion saved through the adoption of telemedicine.

Does RelyMD replace my employees’ Primary Care Doctor?

No, absolutely not. We’re simply offering an alternative that will be available to the employee 24-7 from the comfort of home. We’ll even arrange to have our treatment record forwarded to the designated primary care provider and work with the employee’s preferred pharmacy to fill (non-narcotic) prescriptions.

OK, I’m interested, What next?

Reach out!  We’ll set up a call to give you more information about our service.  We can even show you a demonstration of how an encounter with a provider would work for your employees. Sign up for more information on RelyMD: [gravityform id=”12″ title=”false” description=”false” ajax=”true”]